8.09 - Reading a binary file (1: BMP)


Create a C# program to check if a BMP image file seems to be correct.

It must see if the first two bytes are B and M (ASCII codes 0x42 and 0x4D).


using System;
using System.IO;

public class BmpFile

    public static void Main() 
        byte data1, data2;
  //Open file
        BinaryReader myFile;
        myFile = new BinaryReader( File.Open( "1.bmp", FileMode.Open ) );
  // Read data
  data1 = myFile.ReadByte();
        data2 = myFile.ReadByte();
  //Close file
  //Check Data
        if ((data1 == 0x42) && (data2 == 0x4D))  // B M
          Console.WriteLine("It seems to be a BMP file");
          Console.WriteLine("It DOES NOT seem to be a BMP file");

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